My Pregnancy With A Boy VS. Girl

There is no limit to the things you’ll hear about the sex of your baby. Everyone is always guessing the sex of your baby before you find out. Everyone was always wrong with me too. With my first everyone was convinced it was a boy. After the ultrasound my family kept telling me stories of when the ultrasound was wrong because they knew I was having a boy. THEN years later I was pregnant again with my son. My sister said she knew it was going to be a girl so she only kept her girl clothes to give to us haha! To tell you the truth I had a feeling what the baby was before we found out each time. With Audrey I wanted a boy so bad, but I kept having girl dreams and I knew she was a girl. After I had a girl I prayed for a boy and I got pregnant with Elliot. It took some time for me to feel like he was a boy though. A few weeks before we found out I had a dream about our gender reveal. In the dream I was sitting at a table and I had a bowl of spaghetti in front of me. I had to start eating the spaghetti in order to see what color the noodles were underneath. I started eating and then I saw the noodles turn BLUE! I had several dreams about Audrey being a girl but with Elliot I only had one dream about his sex and it was right.

My girl pregnancy was easy. I was nauseous from week 6-12, but no vomiting. Once I got to the second trimester it was smooth sailing. I didn’t have any weird cravings. I drank smoothies constantly though. My favorite were the pineapple smoothies from McDonalds. I also craved peach tea. I wasn’t ever uncomfortable and I was able to sleep pretty good. My skin was good and my hair got really thick. Even though my pregnancy with Audrey was so easy I hated it. I just really don’t like being pregnant. I am so fortunate and thankful that I am able to carry my own babies, but it was never an enjoyable job for me. I always heard about other moms having port partum  depression and I didn’t have that at all. I was the opposite. I was ecstatic to be done being pregnant once my kids were born. The sleepless nights were even easier to get through because I was just so happy to be done with pregnancy. The midwives always told me that the real work started once the baby was born. And while that is true, I prefer it because it’s more enjoyable to me than growing the baby.


3 Years later I got pregnant with my son. This pregnancy was completely different than my girl. I started feeling nausea at around 6 weeks too. I wasn’t vomiting, just a feeling of being sick to my stomach. I looked forward to week 13 so much because I thought it was going to get better. It didn’t. Week 13 started the long trimester of vomiting. I still remember the first time I threw up. I was so shocked and caught off guard because I had never thrown up from pregnancy before. I was walking to the car with Audrey and as we walked out the door I just vomited a little. No lead up feeling or anything it just came up and out. I was stunned. Audrey looked down at it said “EWWWWW”, then ran inside to get paper towels. She was so stinkin’ cute! She came out and started wiping it up! I had to drive with a bowl in my car because I would randomly throw up through out the day. I never knew when I would vomit because I would be feeling fine and then I would just throw up. It was at least once a day. Eventually the nausea faded as I neared the 3rd trimester. But it didn’t completely go away. I would still have random sick days and vomiting.

My stomach was so picky during this pregnancy. With Audrey I was able to eat almost anything and smells didn’t bother me too much either. With Elliot I was constantly sick because I was hungry but after eating I would be sick from the food. It was miserable. I could not eat sugar or fried food with my son. I lived off of vegetables and chicken breast. If only I could eat that healthy now! It’s funny because Elliot doesn’t have a huge sweet tooth now either. Once in the third trimester I was feeling good so I decided to eat a donut. Well that came back up as fast as it went down haha! I was so frustrated because pregnancy is the one time in my life when I don’t feel guilty for indulging. But I couldn’t with Elliot. He wanted me to eat ceasar salads all day every day.

My skin was also horrible with Elliot. I was breaking out more than I’d ever had in my life. The first trimester and second trimester were really hard on my skin. The old wives tale about glowing during pregnancy with a boy was NOT TRUE! I felt bad and I looked bad. Where was my glow? By the 3rd trimester it did get better thank goodness. My hair was thick with Elliot like it was with Audrey. That was a nice silver lining.

I was also on modified bed rest with Elliot so compound the misery of pregnancy times 10! It made life SO hard just having the underlying stress and not being able to take care of my family. I still mourn feeling like I’d lost time with Audrey. The pregnancy took so much out of me. I couldn’t carry her anymore. We couldn’t go do fun things together anymore. She was my side kick and the pregnancy really got between us. After I had Elliot I looked at Audrey and I saw a little girl. She was a toddler when I first got pregnant! Now I look back at her and how helpful she was. It’s amazing that I could sit her down and explain the situation and she understood. I had to tell her that for 9 months I wouldn’t be able to carry her and she was fine with it. When we would go to the grocery store I would push the cart up to a chair and she would climb into the cart on her own. It’s little things like that when I realize how great my little girl is. A lot of toddlers would have thrown a tantrum in the same situations. She’s the best!

So my boy was the tough pregnancy and my daughter was the easy one. As kids they both have their moments. Audrey was a very tough baby but she was a very independent toddler. Elliot seems to need a little more coddling. He is also more unsure of situations. Audrey knows exactly what she wants and Elliot seems to have a harder time knowing what he needs to make him feel better. They are pretty much opposites. Audrey was a tank! She could eat anything and wear anything. Elliot on the other hand has a lot more sensitivities. He has sensitive skin, tummy, moods, and he’s very sensitive to travel. We took Audrey everywhere and she adapted very quickly. Elliot takes a bit more time to get used to new situations. Audrey HATED being swaddled from birth. It was like she was so happy to have room to stretch and she wasn’t going back into confinement without a fight haha! Elliot on the other hand loved being swaddled. He would be swaddled until now if we didn’t have to stop because he started flipping onto his stomach. From about 5 months on he was definitely a stomach sleeper. He would flip over onto his belly the second we set him down. Audrey would typically sleep on her back. Neither of them took a pacifier though so I guess that’s one similarity.

When Audrey refused something it was a definite “NO”. When Elliot refuses something it’s a “maybe, change the temperature, or try again in 5 minutes” situation. It’s just a miracle bringing these little humans into the world and seeing their pre-formed personalities take root. I still can’t believe how different they are. Audrey is definitely a mini me and Elliot seems to be a mini Tom.

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