Air Show

We had a great weekend! Saturday we took everyone to the air show! I’ve been going to air shows since I was little so I was excited to see the one. It’s been a few years since I’d seen the Thunderbirds. Who am I kidding it’s been over a decade! We showed up at around 1:30pm because the Thunderbirds were scheduled to fly at 3pm. If you’re not familiar with air shows, the Thunderbirds are the big guys people show up to see. They are a team of elite pilots in the Air Force. It’s not only pilots. There are hundreds of people on the Thunderbirds team that keeps things running smoothly. I love seeing them fly. No matter what age you are you’ll watch in awe of their skill and the power of the F16. The maneuvers they complete are so crazy cool! It’s definitely something you need to see. Oh and LOUD! Very loud.

See this picture below. Yes they are flying on top of each other! And the F16 on the top is upside down. EEEEK! So cool right? We enjoyed the Thunderbirds SO much. Well almost all of us. Audrey hated every minute. She is very sensitive to loud noises so she was crying most of the show. Elliot on the other hand was so into it. He wasn’t sure what exactly was going on, but he liked it. Even though I had been to many air shows in the past I forgot about the noise. We had to sacrifice our own hearing to cover Audrey and Elliot’s ears with our hands. Elliot was less bothered by the noise and more upset that we were keeping him from experiencing the deafening roar!

We brought our trusty double stroller along. This thing is worth it’s weight in gold guys. There are so many strollers on the market, but none quite as sturdy or durable as the BOB.

My sunglasses are actually my favorite pair EVER! I’ve had them for 2 years and I just love them. The best part is that they are large but not overwhelming and they won’t go out of style. I’ve been so impressed by the quality of this pair. I’ve had a lot of higher end sunglasses in my time, but these ones are worth the money. I can’t say that about some other pairs I’ve owned in the past. My Kimono is from Amazon and it’s less than $16! I have the colors Wine Red and Khaki. Very cute and very easy to dress up a simple outfit. They come in 4 different color.

What a fun day! Brought back a lot of memories from growing up. I think we’ll have to make this an annual thing again. Of course next year we won’t forget to buy the headphones for the kids. Poor Audrey was not happy. So we treated her to a sugar filled slushie after the show. We even got to meet the Thunderbirds team. Audrey could care less about them though. She was still upset that their show caused her so much discomfort so she sat in the stroller as we took Elliot to meet them. It’s impossible not to get all excited! These guys are real life super heroes!

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