Fall In Indiana!

This post is coming up late because of course, technical difficulties. I would be able to post a lot more and a lot faster if I was more tech savvy! Anyways here are some pictures from our trip to Indiana last month to visit Tom’s parents. I was really hoping to see some Fall colors but unfortunately we came too early. It was still so much fun to enjoy the Fall festivities in another state! I think we need to do it more often. We rarely travel for pure leisure. There is usually business somewhere in the mix. This trip was unique because it was PURE leisure. No meetings or meetings to go to, just fun family outings.

Don’t you love this kimono? I have it in Wine Red also and it’s the perfect Fall addition to my wardrobe. For under $16 how can you resist? I’ve been living in kimonos since I had Elliot. Losing the baby weight has been slow this time around. After Audrey I was back into my pre baby body in 4 months. With Elliot I made it a point to take things slow and be better to my body. But it does get me down sometimes when I feel uncomfortable in my clothes. I refuse to buy a whole new wardrobe while I’m in weight loss mode. I invested in a few pieces that will be able to get me through until I reach my goal weight. Kimonos are a great choice for me because they are beautiful and modest. They have helped me feel more ‘put together’ while I’m still not quite myself after baby #2. 10lbs to go!

Part of the reason we came this particular weekend was because Tom really wanted to go to The Feast of The Hunters Moon. It’s a festival where people dress up and they reenact how life would have been when the area was first settled. Vendors cook over open fires and they have fashion and items from that day and age.

My favorite part of the whole trip was visiting the pumpkin patch. It was a REAL pumpkin patch with the pumpkins still growing on the vine. I love pumpkin patches but sometimes you go to them and it’s just a setup. They hauled the pumpkins in from some other farm and set them on the ground. I like to see them growing! We found one in Texas last year but it was almost 100 degrees when we went! Way too hot. It was hot in Indiana too, but the orchards around this beautiful patch made me more forgiving to the heat. We got all our Fall festivities done in one weekend! Cheers!

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