Rainy Days! #OOTD

Outfit Details

Dress is Derek Heart from Walmart and it’s on clearance for less than $10! The fabric is very very soft and it’s very comfortable. I have to admit that I have been buying a lot of my clothes from Walmart.com because I’m still in the weight loss process. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on clothing when my sizes keep changing every month. Plus I love pairing really nice accessories with inexpensive clothing items! 

You guys are going to be sick of seeing these boots, but I LOVE them! They are the Stuart Weitzman Tieland boots, and they have them at Nordstrom now! When they first came out they were only at SW online. My herringbone tights I bought at Burlingtons for $5.99 (2-pack!). 

My handbag is the wonderful Gucci Disco bag. This bag is a great crossbody. It was actually the one that got away for me. I got one in gold and then I sold it because I wanted something else. Well for over a year I missed that bag and I wished I never sold my first one. I finally caved and bought it again. It’s the perfect size for a cross body, not too big and not too small. I have a lot of other crossbody bags but they don’t fit very much. The Disco bag fits a lot! Plus the leather strap is very comfortable to wear. 

Watch is the Urban by Michele. I have an orange/red band on it right now. I love that they sell the coolest interchangeable bands with Michele watches. My earrings are just my diamond studs. I always recommend buying the Nordstrom CZ studs! They are the best alternatives.

 We took these pictures underneath the parking shade in the doctors parking lot. I drove to the hospital to give Tom his laptop and meet him for lunch. The rain didn’t let up so we got stuck taking the pictures in the ugly parking lot haha. Unfortunately he didn’t get to come home with me after lunch, but at least we got an hour together in the middle of the day! I’m loving pairing quality accessories with a cheaper outfit right now. Of course I’d much rather fit into my closet full of clothes (pre-baby)!!! Ugh the last 10 lbs of baby weight is being extra stubborn. It’s been a month and a half since I stopped breastfeeding so I know it’ll just take a little bit more time. There are 2 types of breastfeeding mommas. Those who get the fat sucked out of them and those who hoard the weight until BF is complete. Even with Audrey I had an extra 5 lbs hanging around until I was done BF her. With Elliot it’s 10 lbs, but I’ve been a lot nicer to my body this time around. I still feel self conscious though. The progress is slow but it’s there. Skinny jeans here I come! (hopefully soon)

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