Christmas Wish List

Here are some things I have my eye on. Some of them were on my last wish list post like the diamond hoops and Michele Serein diamond watch. But there are a few new items on my list now and I am only going to get ONE for Christmas. We all have a budget y’all and unfortunately mine doesn’t allow me to go on massive luxury shopping sprees multiple times a year……I wish.

Let’s start with the jewelry! I’ve wanted a pair of diamond hoops for YEARS. The issue is that I’m more willing to splurge on a handbag than a piece of jewelry. I’ve never been big in to jewelry. I actually wish I had a better collection, but I just feel like a few nice pieces that I can wear to death is all I need. That doesn’t stop me from window shopping though. I love this Michele watch! I’ve been eyeing it for a bit now too. I keep seeing it on The Sweetest Thing Blog and I love it. She has some really really nice pieces. The Michele Serein watch is great though because it’s traditional but unique. I would definitely want it in gold or the dual tone.

The clothing items I’m in love with are some good pieces that will last years and years. I already have a pair of Stuart Weitzman Tieland boots in black and I love them so much I want another pair. They are gorgeous boots. For those of you who love the SW Highland but aren’t comfortable in a high heel the Tielands are for you! They are amazing boots! I have a pair in black and now I want a pair in Topo Suede.

Now for the Hermes eye candy. I love the Hermes belt but that is something I’ll splurge on once I lose all the baby weight. It’ll be some motivation for me. Losing weight healthy is a marathon not a sprint. Especially when it’s after the birth of your second baby! But something I would be willing to splurge on is a the Hermes Evelyne. I honestly can’t decide if the Evelyne is the best design of all time or the worst. It’s literally a sack of leather. So so so SO  simple but yet so useful. Its an easy bag to carry and that really draws me in. I would want a PM in Clemence leather. I would love it in blue. I was thinking about getting one in Hermes Orange, but I love the way Clemence looks in blue. I’m still on the fence on the Evelyne though. It’s a lot of money for a leather sack. The belt is gonna happen though. As soon as I get my butt back into my skinny jeans haha.

Last but certainly not least is a fragrance I’ve been eyeing for a while. I’m not one to spend hundreds on a fragrance but my friend Nadia is slowly starting to convince me that some perfumes are worth the splurge. It’s very hard for me to find a rose scent that I like. I got a sample of the AERIN Beauty Rose de Grasse Parfum and I’ve been so impressed. I’m definitely putting this on my gift list.

What do you guys have your eyes on for Christmas?


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