Elliot Is ONE!

I had to share the pictures I snapped of my little boy today. He was born at around 10am on this day last year. Can you believe it? I can almost feel the labor pains from last year lol. He was born on my bed just like Audrey was. Home birth is amazing. I never once regret having a home birth and I hope to inspire more woman out there to have them. Birth is a natural process and trust me, not matter how impossible the task seems, we are made for this. There is no one size fits all. Some woman labor for 1 hour and others for 1 week. Sometimes that’s just what the body needs to do in order to get your baby out safely. Trust your body and don’t treat labor like a diagnosis that needs to be clinically treated. Most importantly be confident in your decision. Natural childbirth is not for the faint of heart. If I can do it you can do it! I support home birth because I believe that hospitals work around politics and a lot of scare tactics. They generally are not as natural birthing friendly because unfortunately docs have to practice “defensive medicine”. It’s not the doctors fault. It’s the systems. I hope it improves but I really don’t see too much progress yet.

Ok now that I’m reminded about all that let’s get back to the best part of labor. These miracles we get to hold in our arms. They grow SO SO fast. I am just blown away that he’s already a year. When I was younger my parents used to say “Time goes faster every year” and it’s so true. The older I get the faster time goes. When I was younger time would drag on. I think it’s because you aren’t as busy when you’re younger. As an adult and parent you’re juggling so many things at once. There aren’t enough hours in the day. I tried all day to soak up every last moment with my little Elliot. He will never be as young or little as he is today. I love my babies.

Happy Birthday Elliot! I love you so much. You’ve brought a whole new color to my life!

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