SALE ALERT! My Fav Stuart Weitzman Boots On Sale!


OMG GUYS! It’s rare to see these highly sought after over the knee suede boots on sale! But these Tielands are! You can find several colors at Nordstrom and Stuartweitzman.com. These are my favorite pair of boots so you better believe I jumped on this sale and bought them in the color Topo Suede. I have them in black and I wear them so much I worry you won’t want to see outfit posts because I always wear the same boots. So now you get to see them in a new color. I also have the Stuart Weitzman Lowland boots but I haven’t worn them since I got the Tielands. I love the Lowlands too but the Tielands are a better investment IMO because you can really dress them up or down. I tried to wear my lowlands on a night out and I felt so under dressed compared to all the cute heels being worn around me. Then the Tieland came out and I was hooked! A heeled boot as comfortable as the flat ones…..I’m in!

These boots do cost a pretty penny and I’m typically not a person to spend a ton on shoes. But the quality speaks for itself. I’ve had many dupes of this OTK style and none of them compared to the quality of the Stuart Weitzman boots. The dupes left me wanting to keep buying more in order to find ‘The Perfect’ dupes, and in the end I spent so much I could have just bought a pair of SW’s. Time to treat yourselves! Get on this sale!

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