Cozy Day To Night Look #OOTD


Today I have another STEAL item for you which is this flowy layered top I bought from Walmart.com for $6.50! Yes I said $6.50! Part of my style is mixing quality/luxury items with cheap steals. You can pair a $20 outfit with a nice handbag and look like a superstar. You’ll feel like one too knowing you didn’t go broke for your closet. In reality, this is how I afford to splurge on other items like handbags and accessories. I hardly ever buy things if they aren’t on sale or have some other promotion running. I bought these Hudson jeans at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale 2 years ago and I fell in love. They are the most comfortable jeans I’ve ever owned. They feel like leggings, but they aren’t as unforgiving as leggings. I loved them enough I bought a second pair. I would definitely splurge to buy them full price because I’ve fallen in love with them. On another note, this is my first time wearing a pair of pants from my pre-baby closet after Elliot. He’s 1 now and it’s been a long road but I have 5lbs left WOHOO! I’ll be able to wear all my pre-baby clothes soon yay!

I wore 2 looks. One is super comfy and low key and the other is a bit more chic. On the comfy outfit the only difference is the duster which I bought at Forever 21 years ago. You can find a similar one here and it’s under $50! The next difference is the shoes. I’m lounging in my Ugg slippers found here in my comfy outfit. That’s it! To chic it up I just swapped the duster for a blazer and added some fierce pumps. The blazer is a light floral print I found on sale at Forever 21 a year ago. I found a gorgeous one that’s similar here. The pumps are a Merlot color velvet and they are so cute. Nordstrom sells a bunch of different prints every season here. I was surprised at how comfortable they are. They may be good luck too! I’ve had a very good experience in them. Between the 2 outfits I’m more likely to be found in the comfortable one. Probably because the majority of my day is spent keeping my children alive and my sanity in tact. The last thing I want to be is uncomfortable when I have to accomplish those tasks.

As for accessories, I’m just sporting my new Fit Bit Charge 2 and my Nadri dangle earrings. Now are you guys ready for Christmas? I honestly can’t believe we only have 10 days left. Last year I was ready for Christmas and this year it’s coming too fast. Ugh I don’t wanna grow up lol!

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