What I Got For Christmas 2017!

I hope you all had an A-mazing Holiday. Can you believe it’s already over? I thought I would be sad and want to linger in the Holiday bliss, but I’m ready to pack up the decorations and welcome Spring! I guess I just move on fast haha. I thought I would want to keep my decorations up longer, but I am excited about the year ahead of us. This Christmas I really didn’t want anything until some sales fell in my lap. I wasn’t actually expecting to get any gifts because I didn’t seriously have my eye on anything. I had always wanted a second pair of Stuart Weitzman Tieland Boots but I wasn’t expecting to get them any time soon. I got an alert that they were 20% off at Nordstrom and it was a deal I couldn’t refuse. So I bought them 2 weeks before Christmas and wore them the whole time! I’ve already worn them for an OOTD post here!

I also bought my FitBit Charge 2. I got this 3 weeks before Christmas. I justified the early purchase because I knew I wanted it and I knew it would be most useful to keep me on track during the Holidays. It’s probably the only fitness tracker that I like the look of and I have the limited rose gold and lavender which is TOTALLY worth the extra $$$. I bought it at Nordstrom here. So far so good! It’s been nice to see how much I really move throughout the day. I have yet to test it during a workout though. Unfortunately the times I’m walking the most I’m either pushing a cart or a stroller and that interferes with the pedometer. Sometimes I try to push with one hand so my pedometer arm will sway, but that’s a pain.

My last gift was a total surprise/steal. I had been eyeing an Hermes Evelyne for about 2 months. I knew I wanted to buy it pre-loved so I was obsessed with checking ebay and my favorite luxury consignment shops. I just couldn’t find one that was in my budget or the color/size I wanted. I didn’t want to spend a lot on the Evelyne because I wasn’t that desperate to have one. I finally found the perfect color combo on ebay. It was brand new, wrapped in the box and bag, plus it came with the receipt. I made sure to vet the seller and have it authenticated because it was almost too good to be true. Unfortunately the seller wanted a ton for it because it was NIB. Well long story short some weird “meant to be” things happened and I ended up getting this bag IN my budget. I really wanted a PM size but for the color combo of dark blue with gold HW, I was willing to get this GM. Part of the reason I won the bag was because the seller accidentally listed it as a PM in the beginning and then had to edit the post right before it ended. Lots of people ended up withdrawing their bids because of the size change and I ended up winning! I was nervous about the bag being authentic because it was a ‘too good to be true’ situation. But once it arrived I did another authentication and it was perfect. It is gorgeous! The Clemence leather is so buttery soft. It feels like pure luxury. I LOVE it! I never liked the Evelyne before, but I started wanting a bag I could get in and out of without a zip or button. There weren’t any good options from other designers so I was led to the Evelyne. It slowly grew on me and now that I have one and I LOVE IT! The functionality of it is great. I think the Evelyne and my Chanel Business Affinity Backpack will be my most used bags this year.

I hope you guys got some good gifts for Christmas. It was really weird because I really went into Christmas thinking I wasn’t getting anything. I wasn’t upset about that, it was just a weird feeling. Maybe its #adulting. I honestly didn’t want anything enough to spend the money on it. Well obviously I got a bunch of great last minute gifts that I am thrilled about, but it was nice to be perfectly content with everything I already had. I feel hugely blessed. God has given me an amazing life and he keeps his promises to us if we have the faith to follow him.

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2018 brings blessings and joy your way!

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