Wearing My Christmas Gifts! #OOTD


During our Christmas vacation with family we drove to Gruene to walk around the town. It was very quaint. It was in the 50’s so I wore a duster under my wool coat. My coat is from Banana Republic and I actually “borrowed” it from my mom when I was about 16 haha. I guess that’s what daughters do! I’ll have to put cameras in my closet when Audrey is a teenager. I imagine my little fashionista will be “borrowing” all my handbags one day. Here is a similar style coat. Nordstrom has some cute ones on sale right now!

We stopped to have lunch at a restaurant called The Gristmill. The setting is SO cute! The restaurant is right on the river and they have the cutest outdoor seating. We were seated outside at a long picnic style table. The menu was pretty diverse, but most of us ended up ordering the fish and chips. It was very good. Audrey and Mitchell almost licked their plates! But the best thing they had here was their chipotle ranch dip! We requested ranch for our fries and the waiter recommended the chipotle version. If you’re a ranch lover like we are, you will love it! The regular ranch is very good as well. After we ate we hung out around the fire pit with the fambam.

Since it was a bit chilly I didn’t get to show you the rest of my outfit. But you can see that I’m proudly sporting my Christmas gifts! My Stuart Weitzman Tieland boots in the color Topo Suede were so comfortable! I did add some cheap inserts to give them some extra padding. I get lots of compliments on all my SW boots! They pair perfectly with my new Hermes Evelyne! I broke this baby out and loved carrying it around Gruene. It’s a great bag for anyone interested in the convenience of having a simple bag. I can get in and out of it with a baby on my hip so thats a big win!

Now that the Holidays are over do you have any fun plans? We have some fun trips coming up that I’ll have to get ready for. Tom is busier than ever so I want to try and plan a small staycation with the kids. Sometimes I feel like we are 2 ships passing in the night. We get very little face time which can be very hard. So being able to travel together on his business trips are necessary. Once you add kids to the mix it’s a whole different ball game. With one baby it was easy to spend time as a party of 3, but now with 2 its harder than ever. I can’t imagine how difficult it will get with a 3rd………… But you do what you got to do and savor the moments you do have :). That’s why its extremely important that you’re able to be in charge of your own happiness. The older I get the better I am at controlling my happiness and perspective. It’s not all pretty though. We have our dark times too, everyone does. Social media is deceiving. Everyone shares the good and you never know about the bad. I think it’s really damaging to our psyches. Unfortunately it’s made people feel more pressured than ever to portray fake version of their life. Have you noticed this? Ok. Ok. I’m over the topic now. Raise your hand if you’re looking forward to warm weather!

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