Fitbit Charge 2 Review

Hey guys I am writing a formal room for my Fitbit Charge 2. I wear it every. single. day. I have other nice watches that sit in the jewelry box now that I have this. I love being able to track my activity. It really helps me gauge how forgiving I can be with my food intake and it’s inspired some really good habits. It has jump started my new ‘ketogenic’ lifestyle this year. More on that lifestyle decision later.

The Good

This lavender band and rose gold face is beautiful. It was definitely worth the extra money. It does a great job of tracking my steps and it is customize able. I really like that the watch lights up and shows you symbols of what the numbers mean. All of my texts come through on my watch, which is something I never thought I’d love so much. I used to miss calls and texts all the time but now my watch vibrates every time I get one. It’s been really helpful. Especially because I tend to leave my phone in one spot while I clean. The heart rate monitor works well most times I check. Resting heart rate is really good. It is off during high intensity exercise and I don’t recommend it for any type of circuit training. If your heart rate stays steady during your work-outs it will probably be sufficient. There will be a lag in accuracy though. For me, I prefer my Polar H10 for any type of workout though. It’s accurate, its wireless and it’s my go to monitor. It has a bunch of other features that am not too familiar with since I use it primarily as a watch/pedometer. You can set alarms on it to get you moving more. I had them set in the beginning but I found them more of a nuisance so I turned them off. It’s nice to have the option though. A huge plus to the Charge 2 is that it’s pretty. It’s not an ugly fitness tracker and let’s be honest……. most of them are. I researched them all and the biggest selling point of the Charge 2 was the style. It’s not over-powering. It’s still delicate enough for smaller wrists, especially the rose gold face. It doesn’t scream “HI – IM A FINESS TRACKER!”. You can buy a ton of different bands for them which is amazing. They have leather, metal, and more plastic bands on amazon.

The Not So Good

You tap the screen twice to turn the screen on, but you have to tap hard. I usually have to try 2-3 times before I get it just right. It does have a button on the left of the face that you can always press, but you shouldn’t have to. You can also turn your wrist up and that motion turns it on. That works fine except for when I’m in bed. Then it barely works at all. Or it works while we are all sleeping and wakes us up. A big con for me is that it doesn’t track my steps when I’m pushing a stroller or cart. Which stinks big time because huge chunks of my steps are happening like this. I get that every pedometer would have this issue, but I wish there was a way around it. I wish the charge lasted longer. I typically get 6-7 days out of mine. It charges quickly enough, but it’s still a pain to be in the middle of something when the low battery sign comes on. I dread that low battery signal every week haha! Another con is that it doesn’t show me full texts if they are too long. I love being able to read my texts on my watch until they get cut off and I have to go find my phone anyways. I also wish they came in yellow gold faces. Maybe the next round will offer it.

In my opinion the pros of the Charge 2 GREATLY outweigh any cons I’ve found. It’s really has changed my activity level. I find myself walking around more to get more steps on my pedometer. It’s become like a game and I’m always trying to get a high score. I’ve finally lost my baby weight and I’m really trying to adopt a much healthier lifestyle this year. I don’t use all the functions on my Charge 2 because it does so much. It’s a wonderful fitness tracker for everyday life and a more advanced tracker.

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