Everyone Together!

IMG_1068 IMG_1069 IMG_1071


These pictures are our attempt at getting a good picture of all the cousins. My mom wanted to take a picture with all of her grandbabies since we were all in the same house for the week. It was just short of a disaster. Audrey wasn’t into it and then when she was the other babies weren’t into it. It was very funny trying to get them to look at the same time and sit still together. These pictures are so cute and they really showed how chaotic life is when you have babies. I hope we can get a good pictures eventually because they are all so cute. Audrey is going to be very close to my sisters twin girls because she is only 6 months older. I can just imagine them all at 13, calling each other to gossip and going shopping together. I’m excited to see how their relationships grow. Even though we live in separate states, I’m sure they will see each other a lot.

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