70’s Gala



Last night we went to a charity event to support breast cancer treatment and prevention. It was a 70’s themed gala and they were encouraging everyone to dress up. When we arrived there was hardly anyone who had dressed up. I rarely dress up for these things but tonight we kind of did. It was pretty easy for Tom. All he needed was chest hair and a girly man shirt. I had this dress I bought at ROSS like 8 years ago that I never wore, and it turned out to be a great fit when I paired it with boots. The ABBA cover band was there also. The last few times we have gone to dance lessons we have been practicing the hustle and cha cha. We knew this event was coming up and we wanted to be able to dance……..good. We started taking dance lessons to begin with because we wanted to be able to dance at these types of things. And the hustle was perfect for this thing! We even got compliments! Someone came up to us and said “you two are really fun to watch dance!”. I take that as a sign that we are doing good. Well I AM at least haha.

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