Make It YOURS!

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So I didn’t used to wear a helmet while snowboarding because I hated the way they looked.That wasn’t a good excuse but it was the reason I avoided them. So finally I decided to make it into something that I would love wearing. I picked up some crystals and bedazzled a little bit. That turned into a little more……… until my helmet was almost completely covered with them. I used a mixture of acrylic, glass, and swarovski to keep the cost low. Of course I WANTED to do the whole thing in Swarovski but that wasn’t gonna happen. Each year I add more crystals here and there. This year I put purple rhinestones all over my goggles! I LOVE my helmet now. I get so many compliments every time we go snowboarding. People always ask me where I bought it and I have to tell them that I made it myself. I LOVE sparkly things and now Tom will never lose track of me when we are going down a mountain!

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