Weekend Ski Trip

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This weekend we booked a last minute room up in Beaver Creek. We stayed in a pretty unique hotel called Christie Lodge. It was one of the weirdest hotels because there were doors to nowhere, indoor/outdoor pools, weird railing, and all kinds of weird seating areas. Our room was backwards too. The bedroom was the first room you walked into, the living room was after that. We were pleased though because we weren’t expecting a 1 bedroom. Audrey sleeps pretty bad when we have to share a room with her, so we put her crib in the living room. THE BEST part about this hotel was the Vietnamese restaurant inside of it. YUM. They actually served me the best Pho I’ve tried in Colorado. The broth was perfect, and I’ve tried a lot of Pho! The pictures above are of Audrey playing peek a boo with Tom.

Saturday we went up to ski at Beaver Creek, which we had never been to before. Our initial plan was to drive to Vail (10 miles south) and ski there, but when we arrived at the hotel the front desk kept telling me how Beaver Creek is really a hidden gem. She also said that the weekend before was so busy in Vail and the slopes were really congested. I hate going down a mountain with dozens of other people. You are always dodging and hoping that people dodge you on their way down. A shuttle from the hotel went up to the slopes in Beaver Creek so that was also convenient. We ended up having a really good day there. It wasn’t crowded and the mountain was really easy to maneuver. Beaver Creek is nestled up in the mountains so it’s a lot more intimate than Vail. Vail is right off the highway so that takes away from the beauty a little bit. I enjoy both places but it was nice to go some place new.


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