Back Home!

This week we traveled to a new place. We flew into Seattle on Wednesday and made our way to Portland by Saturday. WOW winter is rough in Oregon and Washington. Here in Colorado it gets cold and we get snow, but we rarely get cold, rain, snow, AND ICE! Washington wasn’t nearly as bad as Portland. I guess they don’t get too much snow there because they didn’t seem to have the resources to clear the roads. I’m sure the spring and summers in these states are gorgeous!  The flight from Denver to Washington was about 2 hours and 40 minutes. Audrey was actually pretty good on the flights. As long as we have Yo Gabba Gabba on the ipad and snacks she’ll tolerate it. Tom lost his phone on the flight and they wouldn’t let him back onto the plane to find it GRRRRR! Later we had to deal with lost luggage too!!! They lost our bags but the carseat made it. Washinton was cold, but it wasn’t anything we weren’t used to. 

The drive to Portland was very icy and slow. Once we crossed the state line into Oregon things got pretty bad. The road was covered in ice so we were sliding around in our rental car. We drove straight to our hotel by the airport. We WERE going to stay downtown to see the area a bit, but we decided to play it safe with the weather. We didn’t want to spend double for a hotel room downtown when we’d be stuck inside. When we drove up to our hotel the fire alarm was on and there was water pouring out of the front entryway. I guess they had a pipe burst so the lobby was flooded! Luckily our room was on the 3rd floor so we had no issues. We braved the weather to get some dinner and there was an inch of ice on all the cars in the parking lot! I had never experienced ice rain or anything like that before. Everything was frozen. We didn’t leave the hotel at all today. We did go swimming since the hotel had an indoor pool. Audrey was fearless. We really had to watch her or she’d leap into the pool. Actually she was TRYING to get away from us to leap into the pool. The flight from Portland to Denver was under 2 hours which was nice. Audrey did pretty good on this flight too. She was SOOOOO HAPPY because Daddy bought her a Brobee doll at the airport! I’ll post pictures in my next post!

IMG_0856 IMG_0878 IMG_0881 IMG_0885

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