Audrey Is 9 Months Old


But look at little Audrey in her first few months here.

IMG_7827 IMG_7838

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When babies grow up, it is such a bitter sweet thing. We love their tiny hands,baby noises, fuzzy hair, newness, and well a ton more. But as they get older we get to know them. They show us a little about who they are as people. When Audrey was first born I couldn’t even imagine how she would act or what her personality would be like. Now I see SO much of her personality. She’s talking and laughing. She’s moving around on her own and developing her own independence. In a way it’s so fascinating and fun, but I also miss her as a small needy creature that just wanted to be held. NO WONDER WOMAN HAVE MORE BABIES! It’s excruciating to give birth but woman tend to do it more than once and I totally get it now. After giving birth to Audrey I remember how terrified I was to even THINK about having another baby. I was 110% convinced that I would never have another baby again. But now that the experience has faded in my mind (even though I can watch it over and over again on YouTube) I find myself thinking about the next baby. But that is a whole different ball game and I am perfectly happy with my little Audrey for a while.

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