Happy Anniversary To Us




Today is Tom and my anniversary together. September 11th is a very important date for more than one reason. It’s nice that we can remember the people lost on 9/11 and we can celebrate our relationship. Well at least we will never forget the date! I am having really bad allergies though. I feel so bad. It’s non-stop sneezing and and runny nose. Today was cloudy and raining all day too. It made me think WINTER!

I wish I could say that our anniversary this year was full of love and romantic, but it was quite the opposite. Yesterday we got into an argument and it kind of numbed our emotions and we are still recovering. We love each other very much, but like every relationship we have our issues. Unfortunately this was a larger, reoccurring issue that came up this week. Relationships are hard work and ours is no exception. But I am so happy that we can celebrate our love at the end of the day. We had really good Chinese takeout for dinner though. I am still full. Now it’s time for ice cream.



  1. Margreet Jansen says:

    Hi Sarah! Congrats on your anniversary! And true: relationships require hard work.
    Audrey is so cute, and becoming so big!
    I hope your allergies will settle. It’s funny (or not…), I always get them in the spring ánd the fall. Double pleasure! 🙁

    Give Tom a big hug, despite your issues. He’s worth it!!!

    Love, Margreet

  2. Samantha says:

    Sarah I’ve said it before but I really like that your so real. You share the good times and the not so good times. All relationships do have issues. And to know and admit that is not a walk in the park every moment I think is what helps make the love last. People give up to easy because they think it’s supposed to be perfect. It’s funny cause your younger then me and I admire you so much. You seam like an old soul kinda like me. I became a mom at the same age as you and I was the same as you. Our families are our world. Love you Vlogs and blogs keep up the good work

    • Ah thank you! Your comment is so sweet. I do feel like an old soul. Everyone wonders why Tom and I are together with our age difference, but when you take in to account our ‘mental’ ages we work great. I have to admit that telling the world my relationship has it’s issues is scary, but its real. And I want my viewers to be able to trust me and feel free to come to me if they ever need any emotional support. 🙂 Take care!

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