Pantene Dry Shampoo Review

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I saw these while I was searching for my favorite dry shampoo by Dove. I am always interested in trying new products so I picked them up. I used each one of them and right away I could tell what order I’d put them in. The greem one – Original Fresh did absolutely nothing but made my hair smell nice. The Root Reboot (purple) was a little better but still did basically nothing. Finally the Blowout Extend (blue) actually did something for me, but I still wouldn’t recommend it. These smell wonderful but they just don’t work. I had really high hopes for these because I’m usually a fan of Pantene products. The best of the three for my hair was the Blowout Extend because it made my hair smell nice and it did help a very teeny bit. But I still prefer the Dove Dry Shampoo.

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