No Buying Makeup Challenge for July

AHHHHHHH This has been such a challenge this week. It’s so easy to just pick up some drugstore makeup here and there. Actually I bought 2 concealers from Walgreens so technically I have failed. BUT my reasoning is as follows:

I purchased the very hyped up Cle De Peau Beaute Concealer for…….$70…..YES that is a SEVEN and a ZERO. I thought it was an INSANE price to pay for any makeup product, but my curiosity got the best of me. I am always in search of Holy Grail makeup products and I was hoping this would be it for the concealer……..well it wasn’t. Yes it is a wonderful concealer but NOT for $70. For that price it better be concealing and folding my laundry! So anyways, I ended up returning it because it just wasn’t as good as I expected. I was reading about dupes for it and someone mentioned a Boots concealer stick. I went out to find it and had no luck. Skip forward 3 weeks – I’m in Walgreens picking up some medicine in AZ and I happen to walk by the Boots Cosmetics section. I quickly saw that they had the concealer there……and it was ON SALE! AND not only was it on sale, Walgreens was giving $0.50 for every dollar spent on cosmetics!! So I grabbed 2 of them for $14…..but add in the $0.50 and it’s only $7. The Boots concealer is great too, not as good as the Cle De Peau but it’s only a 10th of the price!

Now I am sitting here watching The ReaViewer on Youtube while Audrey naps – BAD IDEA. Every time I watch her I discover some high end…..more like HIGHEST end cosmetic that I NEED. She has a great channel, but man oh man are the products expensive. I thought Chanel and Dior sold expensive makeup, but she introduced me to brands like Tom Ford, Cle De Peau, and Kevyn Aucoin. We aren’t just talking $30 for a blush, with these lines it’s $90. Insane…I know, but I just get sucked in. My latest “NEED” – that I don’t really need at all – is the Cle De Peau eyebrow pencil. The cool thing about this pencil is that it has refill cartridges. But the pen is $35 and the cartridge is $25, so your first purchase will be $60 YIKES. The ReaViewer says her pencil lasts her a year, which is the only way it would make sense for me to buy. As of this moment I use the Anastasia Brow Wiz and I love it, but I have to re-purchase every 2-3 months ($21). If the Cle De Peau pencil really lasts a year then it may be worth it? So it is the 17th of July today and I am not supposed to buy any makeup this month, how do I get around this. I think I am going to cave, or maybe I should make a deal with myself – Wait until my pencil is empty and then buy one.

Who would have thought this challenge would be so tough. I know some woman who can’t stop buying clothes or shoes, but my problem is makeup. I have no problem spending $30 on makeup, but if it was a shirt or some other clothing item I would feel guilty.

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