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Enjoying some Heineken Beer since it is brewed in Amsterdam!



A great experience visiting the Anne Frank house. Trying to walk in her shoes during the visit was so hard to imagine. What a black spot in history.
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I loved seeing all the bikes with different child seats. It’s a different way of life when transportation is mainly on bike! How cute is this double seat for some little bums!

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BYE Amsterdam we LOVE you!

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WOW, that is what I have to say. This city is pretty and fun! I can see how some people could think it is “dirty” but that is mainly around the tourist areas. The red light district in particular is covered with litter and overflowing trash cans………and I don’t even need to mention the other dirty things in that area. We went out there and it was so crowded everyone was there to see what it was all about. We did some touristy things before finding a nice bar. None of the locals in the red light area are locals, just tourists. The best part of our trip to Amsterdam was out great apartment! We rented an apartment on Airbnb.com and we were definitely spoiled by it. Going to a hostel after that place was a hard transition. Our apartment was in a convenient location with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. It was nice and open so even though the space was small we were very comfortable. The wifi and entertainment area was great! We had movie nights. There was also a kitchen and a washing machine. We met our landlord when we checked in and he was awesome. Him and his friend actually took us around town on our last evening. It was so much fun, and one of the highlights of our trip. They were gentlemen and they really took care of us.

Ah Amsterdam I thought I wasn’t going to like you but instead I love you! We did so much here and let’s just say we had a wild time! The canals and trees, the peaceful brick apartments right by the water, the house boats lining the canals. Once you get past the “tourist” area its really a pretty place. I will definitely be going back!

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