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Hello everyone! I have not posted a current VLOG for a bit and the reason is, because we are in Chicago. Tom has meetings here this week, and since we usually stay together whenever possible, we are here too. But let me tell ya, it’s SO SO SO HOT! It’s almost unbearable. I see the restaurant employees filling flower pots with ICE! It’s actually quite miserable. Today Tom wanted to go to the aquarium and the 2 mile walk nearly killed me. Audrey was screaming the whole time, my feet are blistered and sore, Tom was grumpy, and it just wasn’t that fun. ON TOP OF THAT the aquarium was sold out for the day. On our walk back we tried for an hour to find a cab back and by the time we did we were nearly back to the hotel. It was a disaster.

But before all of that terrible-ness we ate at the famous Bill Goat Tavern. The only reason this place is still in business is BECAUSE it’s famous IMO. The burgers were not good, the place was very messy, and the location was under a dark bridge……how creepy. But Tom wanted to eat there because he saw a skit on SNL about this place. I got a double cheeseburger and I really didn’t like it. Audrey had the grilled cheese, but I have to admit I ate more of it than her.

Now we are back at the Fairmont relaxing in our room. We decided to order a “14 Inch” pizza from room service but when it arrived it was an “8 Inch” pizza. We were pretty upset and sent it back. This pizza was so small and we were convinced they made a mistake. We decided to just forget the room service all together and order Domino’s. And for $15.15 we got a large pizza vs. the 8 inch $19 pizza from the Fairmont. Ahhhhhh long day.

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