Cle De Peau Concealer Review

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Is this a nice concealer?

– Yes I think this is a really nice concealer. I liked the packaging. It felt sturdy and luxurious. The coverage was great. I did experience the normal amount of creasing in certain areas on my face. It is a more dry concealer so it takes a little more heat from the fingers to blend. The color choices are very limited which was disappointing.

Is it worth the cost?

– No. Not in my opinion. This concealer was not a miracle concealer unfortunately. It was good, but I actually prefer my Japonesque conealer. They are both dry but the Japonesque has better staying power and coverage. This product is outrageously expensive and I have a hard time paying that much for something that doesn’t work miracles.

Would I purchase it again?

– No
August 2015,

Since moving to San Antonio Texas my skin has changed due to the humidity and environment here. My go to Japonesque concealer just stopped working and I really couldn’t stand it. I tried some other concealers with no luck. I went back to try the Cle De Peau one last time and I LOVED IT. It has been one of my favorite MUST HAVE products I carry with me 24/7. It is expensive, but it’s the only concealer to work for me now. I love love love love it and I am shocked. I really wasn’t impressed with it the first time I bought it, but now I can totally see what everyone raved about.

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