Well here I am…… in San Antonio house hunting. We decided yesterday that it would be better if I flew out by myself and Tom stayed with the monster. This way we could move into a home by Christmas. I have a stack of homes that we found online, I hope one of them is a fit. We are going to rent first and consider buying later. I guess I flew out at the right time…….just missed the snow. It’s so warm here in San Antonio. It was a little bit of a shock walking outside and not needing to bundle up. I could literally wear shorts….. The heat will probably kill us the first summer, but I think we will get used to it. I hope to post pictures of our new home soooooooooon!


  1. Margreet Jansen says:

    Hi Sarah! That’s sooo exciting! Hope you find a nice house real soon. I’m looking forward to the picture!!!

  2. jennifer says:

    So I’ve been trying to catch up. Haven’t been on y.t in a while. Why the move to tx?

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