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Today is a very special day! July 29, 2013 my little Audrey Ella said “MOMMA!” Now let’s be clear, it was a muaahhh muahh muuuahh type sound BUT that’s good enough for me. Yesterday she also stood by herself. She didn’t take any steps but she stood without holding onto anything. She’s growing up so fast. Two days in a row she has showed us these amazing milestones and I feel like it’s all happening too fast now. I am going to try and hold onto these fun baby moments. I think I want a baby that will be completely independent, BUT still be a baby lol. If that existed I’d order 10!



  1. Jessica Taforo says:

    My son said mama a few times when he was younger. Now at 19 months he calls his dad and me daddy. But in the past two day he said mommy once each day. Yayyyyy! I asked him do you love mommy and normally he say ya but he said mommy. When I said aww you said mommy he smiled. I am sorry to hear about your great grandma. My grandma was very close to my heart. I can’t wait to see more vlogs. I wondered if every thing was ok.

  2. Jessica Taforo says:

    Oh and my daughters name is Aaliyah and my son thinks of her as a second mom. She tries to be lol and she only 7. But when he wants something from her he will run around saying Aeeeeeea. It’s too cute

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