The Holidays Are Over!

Family pic IMG_1233 (2)

I am having a actually happy this is over and we can get back to real life. Our move was just timed so wrong. I’m tired of the crowds, the mess, the rush, the traffic, shipments being delayed, people being out of town……… the list goes on and on. I am sad because I feel like I skipped this holiday season completely. We did do the bare minimum and so that counts, but I didn’t get to decorate and that really makes me sad. Last year I stalked Wal-Mart to shop the 75%-90% off Christmas sale, so this year I was SO excited to bust out (literally 4 boxes) of new decorations that I bought at these sales, but unfortunately I couldn’t. And yesterday I went back to Wal-Mart and bought more things from the sale haha. I’m a borderline decoration hoarder. Then there is the possibility that I won’t get to decorate next year also if you buy a home and move AGAIN in December. I did get lots of good wrapping paper yesterday 🙂 JUST IN CASE! Haha and let’s be honest, I’ll probably go back tomorrow.

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