Hi guys! My name is Sarah. I am 27 years old. Here is a little about me and my family. My husband’s name is Tom and he is 46. He has 3 children from a previous relationship. But together we have our little Audrey. If you watch our vlogs on YouTube you probably see a lot of Audrey. If not, check them out! Our channel is called Smohrtolove.

I am originally from Arizona and Tom is from Indiana. We met on Match.com, go figure. We now live in beautiful San Antonio. Audrey was born October 4, 2012 at our home. In fact, she was born in our king size bed! I was in labor for 36 hours and it was very hard. There were many complications and I experienced back labor. You can also see the birth on our YouTube channel.

I started my channel because I experienced 2 early miscarriages and YouTube became my main comfort. I was so sad and I didn’t know what to think anymore. The domino effect of negative thoughts started in my head, thoughts like “what if I can’t have babies?”, “what is wrong with me?’, “is this a sign?” If you have had a MC before, you know what thoughts I am talking about. I obsessively searched for something to comfort me and give me some positive feedback. I found a community of YouTubers who were going through similar things, and even much worse. They encouraged me and I got to see a lot of their happy endings. I decided to start sharing my journey on YouTube. This started with me sharing my feelings and not long after I got to share my pregnancy with weekly updates. While I was pregnant I was on the search again for some REAL natural birth experiences. I didn’t want the calm, peaceful, full of love videos. I wanted something more realistic. I wanted a home birth and it isn’t too common in this modern day society – about 1% of us. Now days you get pregnant, you go to your appointments, you schedule an induction, you get pain meds, you have a baby (for the most part). With Tom being a doctor, I first had to convince him that home birth was do-able. He had never experienced anything of the sort, but I had. My mother delivered my younger sister at home when I was 5, so I was a bit more familiar with it. I decided to film my entire birth; no sugar coating, no music covering up my cursing and screams. I wanted it to show everything. I DIDN”T KNOW MY LABOR AND DELIVERY WOULD TAKE 36 HOURS THOUGH! So in the end I had to edit a lot of my labor out. But I achieved what I wanted to by having a natural home birth. And I got to share it with others in an attempt to try to help women explore this unconventional birthing option. This is the evolution of my channel which led to me starting a blog.

Now I share our growing family with all of you. This blog is about DIY, beauty, skincare, cooking, recipes, fashion, travel, fitness, family, and everything in between!