Getting Ready!

Summer is almost over everyone! I can’t believe the cold weather and land of goose pimples is approaching. I was born in Phoenix……you know, the city where people say “Snow?! What is this thing….this SNOW you speak of?” Now snow is good for two things 1) snowboarding 2) making Christmas WHITE! But since snow comes with cold, it’s not one of my favorite things in the world.

Ah ok I am done with my rant about the cold, back to our weekend. We first went to Goodwill. Thank God for Goodwill. Let’s just say that kids don’t take the best care of their clothing, so places like Goodwill really make sense. We went there to get some uniforms this year and we made out great. Plus Audrey got a little pony ride out of it.


I have a hard time paying $11.99 for something that will be worn for 8 months when I can pay $2.99. I bought Audrey a whole stash of clothing from there, and we are set for while. I was never a “Thrift Store” kind of girl, lets face it. When Tom and I met he was in a thrift store at least once a week, that is pretty overkill even in my present state of thrift store loving. He would want to go to Goodwill and I would cringe, but after a while I began to look forward to it. Maternity clothes are crazy expensive and I refused to pay $75 for a tank top! But at Goodwill I bought a whole wardrobe for pregnancy for around $60. And now I have a box of maternity clothes in my basement for my next belly. For that I love Goodwill!


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We stopped at Ross; another great store for inexpensive, quality items. We just bought a few more things there that we didn’t find at the GW. At Wal-Mart we bought lots of yummy things to pack in their lunch boxes. They would much rather we pack cake and ice cream every day but that is NOT going to happen. So to the best of our ability, keeping things healthy and tasty, we gathered everything we needed there.

After all our shopping we stopped at the park to see what festival was going on. It happened to be very windy and quite chilly so we didn’t stay too long. It was kind of pathetic for a festival though. I think there were 5 tents and a few tables set up….very disappointing.



We ended the day with a nice bath, IN THE SINK! This sink is the best tub a mom could ask for. Growing up my family never put babies in bathtubs, just sinks. I have pictures of my younger cousins and little sister all stuffed into a sink together. It just makes sense to me, and it works for us.

Anyways that was our Saturday. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. And there are even LESS hours when winter arrives. Enjoy the last few months of summer!




IMG_2539 IMG_2540

Today is a very special day! July 29, 2013 my little Audrey Ella said “MOMMA!” Now let’s be clear, it was a muaahhh muahh muuuahh type sound BUT that’s good enough for me. Yesterday she also stood by herself. She didn’t take any steps but she stood without holding onto anything. She’s growing up so fast. Two days in a row she has showed us these amazing milestones and I feel like it’s all happening too fast now. I am going to try and hold onto these fun baby moments. I think I want a baby that will be completely independent, BUT still be a baby lol. If that existed I’d order 10!



Sad Week

IMG_2507 IMG_2508 IMG_2512 IMG_2523


Well many of you are probably wondering what happened to us. On July 17, 2013 I received a call from my mom while I was shopping in Chicago.  She had some devastating news for us. My Great Grandma, our Inay, had passed away. For a while I was in a state of shock. Here is a woman who has had a huge role raising many generations of our family. She has  4 GREAT GREAT grandchildren, can you believe that. Inay was 91 and not only did she raise 4 children, she raised 8 grandchildren all on her own in the Philippines. Then she moved to the United States and started to raise her GREAT grandchildren. I’m sure Inay would have a huge role raising my Audrey is she was around still.

I am so happy that I brought Audrey back several times to visit after she was born. I have lots of memories and pictures of Inay and Audrey together. She would call her “Audrey Blondie” because she is so blonde. I’m so happy that I can tell Audrey about her when she is older, and I can show her pictures. I just can’t believe she is gone. I thought she was invincible, but the reality of everything is starting to settle. She was the matriarch of my family. Every holiday or get together we all knew we would be heading back to Arizona since Inay was there. Now I don’t know how this will work. My family had this “base camp” and now we have don’t. I hope we figure out how to continue our family until we see her again.



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Hello everyone! I have not posted a current VLOG for a bit and the reason is, because we are in Chicago. Tom has meetings here this week, and since we usually stay together whenever possible, we are here too. But let me tell ya, it’s SO SO SO HOT! It’s almost unbearable. I see the restaurant employees filling flower pots with ICE! It’s actually quite miserable. Today Tom wanted to go to the aquarium and the 2 mile walk nearly killed me. Audrey was screaming the whole time, my feet are blistered and sore, Tom was grumpy, and it just wasn’t that fun. ON TOP OF THAT the aquarium was sold out for the day. On our walk back we tried for an hour to find a cab back and by the time we did we were nearly back to the hotel. It was a disaster.

But before all of that terrible-ness we ate at the famous Bill Goat Tavern. The only reason this place is still in business is BECAUSE it’s famous IMO. The burgers were not good, the place was very messy, and the location was under a dark bridge……how creepy. But Tom wanted to eat there because he saw a skit on SNL about this place. I got a double cheeseburger and I really didn’t like it. Audrey had the grilled cheese, but I have to admit I ate more of it than her.

Now we are back at the Fairmont relaxing in our room. We decided to order a “14 Inch” pizza from room service but when it arrived it was an “8 Inch” pizza. We were pretty upset and sent it back. This pizza was so small and we were convinced they made a mistake. We decided to just forget the room service all together and order Domino’s. And for $15.15 we got a large pizza vs. the 8 inch $19 pizza from the Fairmont. Ahhhhhh long day.