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Hello everyone! I have not posted a current VLOG for a bit and the reason is, because we are in Chicago. Tom has meetings here this week, and since we usually stay together whenever possible, we are here too. But let me tell ya, it’s SO SO SO HOT! It’s almost unbearable. I see the restaurant employees filling flower pots with ICE! It’s actually quite miserable. Today Tom wanted to go to the aquarium and the 2 mile walk nearly killed me. Audrey was screaming the whole time, my feet are blistered and sore, Tom was grumpy, and it just wasn’t that fun. ON TOP OF THAT the aquarium was sold out for the day. On our walk back we tried for an hour to find a cab back and by the time we did we were nearly back to the hotel. It was a disaster.

But before all of that terrible-ness we ate at the famous Bill Goat Tavern. The only reason this place is still in business is BECAUSE it’s famous IMO. The burgers were not good, the place was very messy, and the location was under a dark bridge……how creepy. But Tom wanted to eat there because he saw a skit on SNL about this place. I got a double cheeseburger and I really didn’t like it. Audrey had the grilled cheese, but I have to admit I ate more of it than her.

Now we are back at the Fairmont relaxing in our room. We decided to order a “14 Inch” pizza from room service but when it arrived it was an “8 Inch” pizza. We were pretty upset and sent it back. This pizza was so small and we were convinced they made a mistake. We decided to just forget the room service all together and order Domino’s. And for $15.15 we got a large pizza vs. the 8 inch $19 pizza from the Fairmont. Ahhhhhh long day.


Audrey Is 9 Months Old


But look at little Audrey in her first few months here.

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When babies grow up, it is such a bitter sweet thing. We love their tiny hands,baby noises, fuzzy hair, newness, and well a ton more. But as they get older we get to know them. They show us a little about who they are as people. When Audrey was first born I couldn’t even imagine how she would act or what her personality would be like. Now I see SO much of her personality. She’s talking and laughing. She’s moving around on her own and developing her own independence. In a way it’s so fascinating and fun, but I also miss her as a small needy creature that just wanted to be held. NO WONDER WOMAN HAVE MORE BABIES! It’s excruciating to give birth but woman tend to do it more than once and I totally get it now. After giving birth to Audrey I remember how terrified I was to even THINK about having another baby. I was 110% convinced that I would never have another baby again. But now that the experience has faded in my mind (even though I can watch it over and over again on YouTube) I find myself thinking about the next baby. But that is a whole different ball game and I am perfectly happy with my little Audrey for a while.


Happy Independence Day!






It’s the 4th of July everyone! In addition to Independence Day, Audrey turned 9 months old today. I can’t believe that in 3 months my little baby is going to be a year old. It’s amazing how fast she has grown.

Today we decided to try out our new baby backpack that we purchased on Craigslist. We went to Roxborough park and it was beautiful. We had never been there before and it reminded us of the Red Rocks Amphitheater. Audrey liked her backpack. She was bouncing around in there, exploring nature while we hiked. She was heavy, but it was ok as long as we rested. The hardest part of the hike was being in the hot sun at 1pm. NOTE TO SELF- Don’t hike in the middle of the day, that’s napping time.

After the hike we drove to the Castle Rock Outlets to look for a hiking backpack. By then it had cooled down and the clouds had come out (WHERE WERE THEY ON OUR HIKE!). We found a nice backpack at Columbia but I still don’t looooooove it. When we got home we did some gardening in our backyard and got ready to head to the park for the 4th of July celebration. We rode our bikes there. I LOVE the bike seat we got for Audrey. It’s so nice to go outside with her and have her enjoy it so much. At the park they had a band playing 80’s music which was really nice. Instead of fireworks they had a pretty cool laser show. It was a little like a rave haha; only everyone was in lawn chairs sitting in the park. We left a little early because we didn’t want to be on the road with all the cars. But it was good we left early because it started raining! By the time we got home Audrey was dead asleep.

Watch our Independence Day on our youtube channel – Smohrtolove


Family Bike Ride

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Today we decided to load up the bikes and head to Waterton Canyon in Colorado. We had a really nice time. My bike is a Schwinn Hybrid so it isn’t truly made for this type of trip. It made my trip up the mountain a lot more strenuous than Tom’s with his expensive mountain bike. Not to mention I had an extra 40lbs on my bike with the baby and the extra equipment. I still had a great time though. About 45 minutes into our trip dark clouds started rolling in. We started seeing lightning and hearing thunder, and that is when we decided to turn back. I wanted to find a place to eat our lunches. We made Audrey PB & J and she loved it! She almost ate the whole thing. At the end of our lunch we realized that Audrey had a huge blow out EW!!! I had to wash her with our water bottles. It was a terrible mess. The rest of the day was nice because we were all tired and we could relax together. BUT our poor little baby was sick sick sick and she was very unhappy. All in all it was a nice day.